David Marshall's Perl Portfolio

This page is a brief survey of various Perl scripts and modules that I have written over the years. It is usually the case that they feature coding styles that I have since modified, but they give a general overview of my development.



  1. For whatever reason, it was the convention at enews.com to use 132 columns rather than 80, so these files are very wide.
  2. All code in this section is the property of enews.com and is presented here solely for the purpose of illustrating my coding experience. Don't be a bad person by stealing it.

My perl-fu got a lot stronger after I found myself in the enews.com Perl crucible. The code base when I arrived was very fragile and not particularly maintainable. For instance, the similar tasks of loading orders from various strategic partners was performed in separately maintained modules that had commonality decreasing over time.

My primary maintenance activity was a continuing effort to move specific application processing into more general library modules.


Here are a few scripts that I have written more recently.