I use in-city moving when I move (obviously) from one part of Las Vegas to another. It's a very competitive business here with a lot of different choices, but I imagine that even the smallest city or rural area will have someone who will do this.

The customary business model (at least in Las Vegas) is that for a fixed hourly rate, two movers with a truck will show up at your door and do whatever packing and moving you want done. Their travel time before and after the move is not charged to you, but any travelling done as part of the move is.

I usually do most of the packing myself before the movers arrive so that their time is spent moving boxes and furniture to and from the truck.

Even if you want someone else to do the packing, like I am thinking I will want for my next move, it would probably be cheaper to hire someone else to do it. In-city movers charge a premium price because of the truck.

Like a lot of service industries, the movers are paid close to minimum wage, and their real pay comes in the form of tips. All the movers I've gotten have really hustled and worked hard, and it's been my pleasure to tip them generously.

A little friendliness can go a long way. I usually have some bottles of water and soda in the refrigerator for the guys, and I offer to stop off during the drive to get them lunch. This will occasionally get rewarded with some creative clock reading if an hour is up and there's still ten minutes worth of moving yet to go. (Partial hours are billed as the full hour.)