I have moved once by self-service move. It's a great way to move in the right circumstances. This page describes how it works.

I link only to ABF above because that's the company I used. There are any number of competitors who provide a similar service.

Self-service moving is a service in which a trucking company brings a trailer to your home. You have a period of time in which to load the truck, and then the company comes and gets it again. In ABF's case, they load the rest of the truck with freight that's going to the same city as your move. After the additional freight is delivered, the trailer is brought to your new home for you to unload. The cost of the move is typically based on how much of the trailer's space you use.

ABF (and probably their competitors) provides a wooden bulkhead that you nail into place when you're ready to go. This separates your move from the other freight that gets loaded, and it provides some assurance that no one has been fiddling with your stuff.

Some Tips: